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To Parenting Miracles

An interactive, online community created specifically for those who's path to parenthood has taken a little longer, and been a little more difficult than most. Whether you created your family through successful infertility treatment or through the miracle of adoption, we think you'll find yourself at home here. We have all experienced a full range of physical and emotional difficulties in building our families, and like yourself, have beat the odds.

Anyone who has experienced infertility or been through the adoption process knows that we're a unique group, and we relate to each other on a level that only those who've walked in our shoes can. At ParentingMiracles we're committed to providing and sharing parenting support, information and friendship to one another, and most importantly - to revel in the miracle of our little blessings.

All children are gifts from God, regardless of how they come to us! So, please come in, make yourself at home, and if you need any guidance or information, please don't hesitate to write us!


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